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Navigating the Ups and Downs of being a Nurse

How to Make Your Holiday Nursing Shift Less Sucky

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A Beginner’s Guide to Personal Finance for the New Nurse Part 2

Part two of how the new nurse can figure out their personal finances and feel prepared to be financially responsible.

A Beginner’s Guide to Personal Finance for the New Nurse Part 1

Part one of a two part series discussing how new nurses can dip their toes into investing and how to get their finances together.

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Rolling Hill Nursing

What is this?

 Rolling Hill Nursing was born from my love of bringing a little bit of sunshine to my fellow nurses, coworkers, and patients. I have always had a particular interest in welcoming and helping new grad nurses. Nursing is a hard job and burn out is a serious issue for all nurses, and so many new nurses are leaving the bedside or nursing altogether. Some statistics say over 1/3 of new nurses leave their first job within the first two years. I want to help nurses develop skills, resilience, and good habits to help them truly thrive as nurses and find their passion in this field. Rolling Hill Nursing aims to help nurses navigate and dominate the ups and downs of their first year as as new nurse. So many people consider nursing like a roller coaster, because there are so many highs and lows in this career.

I view nursing as Rolling Hills because there are things to learn and grow from whether life is going uphill or downhill at that time. My name is Wyatt Hill, and I thought Rolling Hill Nursing was a fun play on words of my last name. My dream is to create a community of nurses that all help each other succeed and achieve greatness in this profession. Please join me in this endeavor and always let me know how I can help you or make this experience better for you. Subscribe below to stay up-to-date with my my recent posts and news!


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